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Any great purpose needs cooperation and support to make it successful. You can become a member of this noble cause irrespective of which caste, religion, gender, or ethnicity you belong to. We have an open-door policy, and we welcome all. You can contribute to it through your voluntary services, donations, lending a hand, partnering in a project, and so on. Choose the best that suits you.

Corporate Partnership
You can be a part of this journey through a corporate partnership. This has multifaceted benefits. It will not only help you in brand building but offer great mileage to your organization as well. Here are the ways to associate with us:

  • As a CSR activity, corporate social activity is a powerful tool for brand building and promotion for any organization. Besides, it also portrays a good image of the organization indulging in such activities. You can choose the appropriate cause you want to be associated with and make the donation to be a part of a noble deed.
  • Tax Benefit: Any donation for such a noble cause also has a tax benefit under Section 80G. You can mention the same while filing your income tax return.
  • Payroll contribution: Our payroll contribution program provides a voluntary opportunity to contribute to social welfare work. You can be a changemaker and motivate your employees to make a small contribution of their monthly salary for this cause.
  • The voluntary engagement program offers a great opportunity for those who want to take the initiative to volunteer for any particular project or event, lending their expertise and sharing their experience to make any event successful.
  • Event Sponsorship: One can also sponsor different events. This will help you promote your brand and develop a great image for your organization in society.
  • Co-branding Partnership: You can also get our donation boxes installed on your premises, where your employees can contribute to social development. This will also give you the opportunity to co-brand and promote your brand.
  • Marketing for a cause: You can align your marketing activities with our marketing for a cause initiative. In which you partner with us to promote any of our social causes and take advantage of the same for your brand promotion.
  • Project adoption: You can choose any project of ours and join us. We would be more than happy to help and assist you in choosing from a variety of projects.

Individual Partnering:-

One can also become a volunteer member of our organization and partner with us to promote our agenda of social reform. He can be associated with us through:

  • Remote volunteering : our remote volunteering program provides you with the opportunity to share your expertise and experience for supporting the cause and lend a hand to make it successful working remotely for us.
  • Brand Ambassador: You can also become a brand ambassador for our organization. Promote our initiative to your nearby location, and in lieu of your contribution and hard work, you will be awarded a certificate and get a chance to be featured in the media.
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