Your association with the foundation does not entitle you to any special position, but it also comes with certain responsibilities. It is your supreme responsibility to give prominence to the goals and image of the organization. Your association with the organization is determined by certain predefined criteria that every member and volunteer must follow:

  1. Your association with the organization is dependent on your solidarity, dedication, honesty, and upholding the righteous duty to contribute to and enhance the growth and welfare of the organization. At any point in time, if any member/volunteer is found to have indulged in any activity that may tarnish the image of the organization or is contrary to the nature and purpose of the organization, his/her association with the organization will be cancelled.
  2. At RAV Foundation, we believe in the diversity of culture and ideology. If any of your actions violate or pose a threat to the interests of the organization and its members, it will be considered a serious offense, which may result in punitive action against such a person, member, or volunteer and the termination of his/her affiliation with the organization.
  3. The sole objective of this foundation is to promote social welfare through social upliftment. No political or personal agenda will be propagated by its associates and members.
  4. It is necessary to obtain approval from senior officials for any agenda, special task force group, publicity, or other special work.
  5. Any fact, subject, or issue that may affect or damage the productivity and image of the organization must be brought to the attention of senior officials immediately.
  6. Your association with the organization is not a guarantee of any kind of employment. Any official material or document related to the organization is not your personal property. After completion of work, leaving the office, and relieving from the service, they should be submitted in the office in the presence of the concerned officer as soon as possible.
  7. In the event of any hidden or untrue information against the interests of the organization and its established norms, appropriate action will be taken against the concerned person, which may result in his or her termination of affiliation with immediate effect.
  8. Any person associated with the organization will provide a receipt for the appropriate donation amount to each donor. No donation is accepted in cash. The worker is not entitled to accept any kind of contribution amount in his/her personal account. The donor has to ensure that he/she is given a proper receipt for the donation amount and that the amount is paid only into the designated account of the organization.
  9. Details of every work related to the organization, the participation of workers, and all information related to the progress of work should be regularly shared with the team and other officials.
  10. In case of any dispute, the management of the organization reserves the right to take appropriate action against the associates. The decision of the management will be final and binding.
  11. Any fee given to the organization will not be refunded under any circumstances. Donors and associates are advised to take decisions in any such matter on the basis of their personal understanding and discretion.
  12. Any person involved in any kind of misconduct, unethical practice, or taking undue advantage of his/her position and power, affecting the interest of the organization, false speech, fraud, or any act motivated by personal interest will be held responsible for the same, and in addition to terminating his affiliation with the organization, punitive action can also be taken against such a person.
  13. Policies related to affiliation with the organization are subject to change from time to time. Therefore, all workers and associates are expected to keep reviewing the policies from time to time.
  14. You can share suggestions and complaints related to the interests of the organization with the management of the organization through e-mail, a handwritten memorandum, or in person.